Responsible Care

Responsible Care in Russia

  • Strategic choice of Russian Union enterprise and organization of chemical complex
  • Partnership with Russian Chemical Workers Union
  • The biggest chemical Holdings of Russia to support the program
    • 15 enterprises
    • Realization 60 % volume production
  • Perfection works of the companies in 2007 year. Estimate for 34 parameters

Why we take on RC?
The best practice in the world of area
Health. Environment. Safety.


Statistical account


Responsible Care in Russia Guiding Principles

  1. We consider enironmental, health and safety (HSE) issues, and minimizing problems associated with these, as an important and inseparable part of our business activities.
  2. We train, advise and encourage all our personnel to work in a responsible way in environmental, health and safety (HSE) matters.
  3. We continuously strive to minimize emission levels and improve the efficiency of our use of raw materials and energy.
  4. We continually assess our activities, to dentify the reduce environmental, health and safety risks.
  5. We analyze wherever possible the environmental, health and safety impact of all new processes and products prior to their adoption or launch.
  6. We keep the authorities informed of our operations and their possible environmental, health and safety impact
  7. We keep the public and other interest groups informed of our production operations and products, and their environmental, health and safety aspects; and we respond to anxiety and concern expressed about them.
  8. We provide our customers with advice on the safe use and disposal of our products.

Responsible Care in Russia Name and logo

  • Right to use only by RC committed companies
  • Internationally known “brand/trademark”
  • Russian name: Responsible Care – Ответственная Забота
  • Written rules for using name and logo
  • In accordance with CEFIC rules Logo available to committed companies in printed originals and in electronic form promotion material; pins, flags, stickers

Responsible Care in Russia. Basis function

  • Basis rule (best practices in the region «Health. Environment. Safety»)
  • Process safety
  • Waste management
  • Environmental protection
  • Transport safety
  • Product stewardship
  • The control list of report
  • The leading principle and system ГОСТ Р

Responsible Care in Russia Indicators

  • Indicator =, level determination quantity progress on the program «Health. Environment. Safety»
  • Different level:
  • Companies
  • National level
  • 34 national indicators
  • International level (ICCA, CEFIC)
  • 16 international indicators
  • Global level (ICCA)
  • Fist time Russia in 2007 year represent national indicators on the program Responsible Care – RC
  • We plan annually national reports

Responsible Care in Russia Communication

  • Annual national RC report of achievement results.
  • Regular use of name and logo
  • Press releases
  • Company reports
  • Environment, product, social, annual reports
  • Dialogue with community
  • Open door happenings on sites
  • Advertising companies
  • Constant members with members of the program
  • Constant contact with Russian Chemical Workers Union
  • Advancement program coverage in funds mass information

Responsible Care in Russia Sharing of experience


  • National meetings of authorized person of the companies on employer’s level
  • Obligation to represent and exchange best practices and methods between RC companies in the world
  • CEFIC meeting once a year
  • Creation executive committee and working group in association
  • Joint actions with trade-union

Responsible Care in Russia Encouragment

  • Definitely for voluntary basis
  • RC companies
  • Members of Russian Chemists Union
  • Meeting Council of Russian Chemists Union
  • Committees and working groups
  • Peer pressure

Responsible Care in Russia Control

  • Guides in the form of questionnaire / Check-list
  • "Health. Environment. Safety."
  • Entering in the program
  • Base on managerial principles
  • Basically designed to be used as self-assessment
  • Choice:
  • Self-assessment
  • Compare profile RC companies
  • Use consultants
  • State and Statistical account